The Empire needs you! (At Celebration VI)

A look over the Celebration site shows they are now accepting applications to be a volunteer at CVI!  Go to the site, click on About SWC at the top, then choose Crew to access the information (or use the link prior).

A few important details:

  1. You are committing to working Thursday – Sunday, some will be asked to work on Wednesday.
  2. You will be paid for your efforts.
  3. You must be 21.

There is an application linked at the bottom of the page.  The questions are basic information, asking what experience you have and what you bring to the team.  Be honest!

Various Club Jaders have volunteered at Celebration since II in Indy.  We’ve worked the lines, ran stages, wrangled guests, helped fans, answered questions, fetched food and drinks, and even helped slice, plate, and serve 5000 pieces of cake. (Celebration IV).  Volunteering is work but it can be fun and exciting to be part of the show in a small way.  Many of us do it because we get to meet so many other fans who love Star Wars and also help make the event special for everyone we encounter.  Others are motivated because you never know what might happen and it makes for an adventurous week.  Some of us do it because it is our way of contributing back to the Star Wars community.

A short list of unusual things some of us have done:

  • I mentioned the cake. 5000 pieces sliced, plated and served. You may catch a Team Cake Never Again t-shirt or two at CVI.
  • Played trivia and gave away prizes to random fans in line.
  • Helped unpack and sell Boba Fetts.  Two of us were stopped all weekend and at the airport by fans who came through the line.
  • Watched model makers, effects people, and other behinds the scenes types be amazed at how interested the fans were in how and what they did, and be knowledgeable about their career outside of Star Wars.
  • Putting together gift bags for a fan breakfast- we got to see items we’d never seen for sale before or had not seen in years.
  • Found Wampa fur pillows to decorate a couch.

If you are thinking of volunteering:

  1. Ask yourself if you are okay with not seeing/doing everything. Work will come first.
  2. Are you a people person?  Most jobs involve interacting with lots of strangers.
  3. Will you be professional and keep your inner fanboy/fangirl in check?

If you’ve said yes to the above, can think fast and creatively on your feet, sign up!  Volunteering is a great experience and can introduce you to areas of the fandom you’ve not experienced before.  For example, I never did life sized origami until CIII!

9 Replies to “The Empire needs you! (At Celebration VI)”

  1. It’s indeed a lot of fun. But it’s a lot of work and you can sometimes miss out on things.

    But the other stuff far outweighs that.

    It’s fun helping to throw a party.

  2. I’m totally over volunteering – at CV, it just interfered with my blogging duties too much – but I will say it’s a great thing to do if you’re coming alone, or with someone who’s going to spend all days in panels you’re not into. It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone. I had such a blast volunteering at my first two Celebrations, and I actually TALKED to people other than CJers. It was fab.

    Yes, even with the cake.

  3. I assume that you’re responsible for your own accommodations? I mean, don’t get me wrong…it didn’t stop me from volunteering straight away…but I am curious now.

  4. or if you want a specific cool task to do in return for a badge, the Bounty Hunt is looking for volunteers to help during the puzzle scavenger hunt events. contact me if interested.

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