The continuing adventures of Millicent the cat (on Tumblr)

It’s been a year since Pablo Hidalgo introduced us to one of The Force Awakens most important bits of fanon: General Hux’s cat, Millicent. And I never did get around to doing a followup to last year’s post on the matter. So here’s another batch of great stuff from Tumblr.

As always, there’s a lot more on the Tumblr.

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  1. I love and have saved somewhere the one of Thrawn and Millicent. Because all cat owners know the REAL reason she would like him. He wears a white uniform. She has a coat color that will show up like neon against white. The only thing cats love more than someone they can obviously coat in cat hair is someone who’s allergic. If it’s both, it’s the cat Holy Grail.

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