The Clone Wars review round-up: shadowing ‘Shadow Warrior’

If someone tries to kill you, kill them right back.

Time to see what the rest of the galaxy thought of last week’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars: ‘Shadow Warrior’. You probably already know how much I liked it from my review here on Club Jade. But what did other people think of the Grievous-skewering, Gungan-possessing, Anakin-zapping, something-spoilery-happens episode?

Now go!

Common themes in the reviews: ‘Shadow Warrior’ excelled with the Gungans and Grievous in the middle act, but the ending with the capture of Anakin and the prisoner exchange was rushed.

4 Replies to “The Clone Wars review round-up: shadowing ‘Shadow Warrior’”

  1. Not to be rude James, but your introductory paragraph (which is visible even if you don’t read the full article) gives away a major spoiler for those of us who haven’t got round to watching the episode yet.

  2. Josh – sorry about that! i know that not everyone gets a chance to see the episodes within the week they air in the US, so i’ll try to keep the blurbs for the reviews and review round-ups spoiler-free.

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