The Clone Wars peek at ShoWest

IESB reports from Warner Brother’s “The Big Picture” event, which offered looks at this year’s upcoming movies. Here’s what they say about The Clone Wars portion:

The presentation ended with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, introduced by George Lucas himself and accompanied by a small army of clonetroopers.

The footage began with Anakin and his apprentice Ahsoka traveling to a major clone wars battle. They deploy with a bunch of clonetroopers and lead an attack straight up the side of a mountain to a base at the top. The vehicles they’re traveling in actually turn and start climbing vertically up the rock while the Jedi follow on ropes.

Following that there was a montage of footage with Duel of the Fates playing over it. There was one sequence where Count Dooku dispatches Asajj Ventress to find Jabba the Hutt’s son in an effort to win his favor.

Variety also reports. Hopefully we’ll get to see this footage at soon!

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