The Clone Wars’ ‘Lost Missions’ coming to Disney XD in March? Not so fast

'Lost Missions' teaserThe Wookiee Gunner came across some posters on the Disney Wikia that seem to be teasing a March run for The Clone Wars ‘Lost Missions’ on Disney XD in March.

Now, we don’t have a date – or even official confirmation – on the ‘Lost Missions’ tagline or even that the ‘bonus content’ will appear on Disney XD. All that comes from a November report out of Poland. The show images on the posters themselves are very low quality – despite the logos and text being clear and crisp – which leads me to believe these ‘posters’ are fan-made creations, not something official out of Disney or Lucasfilm. (The images themselves being drawn from the Polish video – or altered from old stills – could explain the low quality. UPDATE: Jedi News IDs the sources of the ‘stills:’ Both are from videos posted by the official site.) Nor is the size of the posters consistent with each other.

Like any wiki – the Wookieepedia is also a Wikia wiki – the Disney wiki in question can be edited by anyone with an account.

I’ve embedded both ‘posters’ below the cut, if you want to check them out.


Click to see them at full size, where the low image quality is most apparent.


Sorry, Clone Wars fans – I know you guys are chomping at the bit for bonus content news, but there are just too many red flags here for me to believe these are in any way legitimate.

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