The Clone Wars kicks off a big Obi-Wan arc tonight with ‘Deception’

Tonight on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi infiltrates a Republic prison to learn what the Separatist bounty hunters are up to – but is he in over his head? ‘Deception’ is the first part of a four-part story arc with Obi-Wan posing as a bounty hunter in order to get close to other galactic scum and villainy, including Cad Bane and Bossk.

How far does this deception go? Well, if you watch the clip above, it sounds like not even some of his closest friends are in on the secret. TV Guide interviews Dave Filoni about Obi-Wan going undercover in prison – is it bad as Oz, they ask? Get a taste of life in the clink with the clip below.

3 Replies to “The Clone Wars kicks off a big Obi-Wan arc tonight with ‘Deception’”

  1. seriously.

    my one gripe is that Yoda and Mace Windu decided to not tell Anakin about the ruse in order to have him act honestly with Obi-wan dead, through the funeral. the longer they wait, the more he’ll resent being out of the loop. and there’s that chance that he might decide to act outside the law with avenging his master (Yoda knows that Anakin sometimes lashes out in his grief, from AOTC).

  2. Yeah, there were plot holes (the one you mentioned, plug how ridiculously easy it is for someone to escape prison, plus WHY they would want to allow Bane and whathisname to escape in the first place)… but the show has gotten so stylish, so surprising, so smart that I just go with it. And it’s been that way for months now. It’s the most consistently entertaining show I watch.

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