The Clone Wars guest voice theories abound

So last night on the ForceCast, they were theorizing that Jon Favreau was voicing one of the mystery Mandalorians we saw in The Clone Wars S2 preview. Today, Yakface (via) are theorizing that it could be Mark Hamill. Interesting theories, but that last one sounds an awful lot like Favreau. On the other hand, there do seem to be two very different Mando voices going on in that trailer…

In less theory-based news, The Clone Wars is in TV Guide’s Sci-Fi Preview. Please join me in boggling that TV Guide is still around.

UPDATE: Whoever it may may be, it is not Mark Hamill.

4 Replies to “The Clone Wars guest voice theories abound”

  1. After listening to some Favreau audio, I have to agree with you, Dunc. It really does sound like him.

  2. On the other hand it could totally be Mark Hamill. It took me forever to realize he was Fire Lord Ozai, soooooo yeah.

  3. They do A LOT of post work on voices. Corey Burton doesn’t sound a thing like Cad Bane or Zirro, yet he voices him.

    I’m not good at telling, but the whole “one who will sound oddly familiar” thing struck me.

  4. Im the one that emailed the ForceCast the tip about the voice and just wanna say im almost 100% positive its him with a llitle post work added in

    Andrew that really got me thinking too

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