The Clone Wars goes ‘Missing in Action’ to continue D-Squad arc

So now that we’ve talked about the big 100 episode milestone, let’s a take a peek at episode 100 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars: ‘Missing in Action’. Continuing the adventures of Artoo-Detoo and his companions of D-Squad from ‘Secret Weapons’ and ‘A Sunny Day in the Void’, the crash-landed droids and their leader, the pint-sized Colonel Gascon, have reached a town on the desolate world of Abafar, and encounter Gregor, a Republic Commando with no memory of how he became missing in action. Their ultimate mission? Steal a shuttle and get back to the Republic, and if they can get this grizzled dishwasher to remember his military training, they might just have a chance. In the first trailer above, Artoo and Gascon reveal the truth to Gregor, and his full identification is revealed in the second trailer below. Or just skip to the last video for some Republic commando actionTCW-512-gregor-gascon-artoo

5 Replies to “The Clone Wars goes ‘Missing in Action’ to continue D-Squad arc”

  1. I’m looking forward to watching “Missing in Action” when it airs in the U.S. tomorrow, followed by the end of the four-part arc (“Point of No Return”) next week.

  2. this d-squad arc was quite annoying. it gave me a toy story/ pixar feeling the entire time, as if it were an original pixar story and film. it stands out in the star wars story because it does not offer the same consistent feeling the rest of star wars offers. very disappointed it was 3 episodes long.

  3. @james I hate to break it to you, but there’s still one episode left in the arc. I’ve probably enjoyed it more than many people, but it certainly hasn’t been perfect.

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