The Clone Wars for young readers

We’ve never had much interest in the doings of the young kids books, but Paul over at TFN (via Once Upon a Galaxy) has an interesting find: The Clone Wars books for ‘young readers’ and ‘readers’ and published by Penguin’s Grosset & Dunlap imprint. I don’t think this would really effect the adult novels – clearly there are a variety of different contracts at work here. (Including the one with Dorling Kindersley, which is also an imprint of Penguin.) Still, an interesting development.

As for the books themselves, you can check out the lineup on their Star Wars sell sheet (Warning: PDF.) It lists six books with a July 26th release date, and even less plot details than TV Guide.

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  1. *quietly screencaps promo image like the strange TCW pciture stalker she is*

    Interesting. I’ll have to check these things out when we get more details.


    I sound like a scary collector fangirl now, don’t I? .____. Oh, the burning shame.

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