The Clone Wars: Ahsoka is ‘The Wrong Jedi’ – but is there a right one?

Ahsoka Tano goes on trial as the perpetrator of the Jedi Temple bombing in the final episode of Season Five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Saturday morning. ‘The Wrong Jedi’ is an amazing episode, with some big things happening so catch it as soon as possible to avoid spoilers!

In the preview above, Ahsoka faces questioning from the Jedi Council, while in the second preview (below), Anakin Skywalker tracks down Asajj Ventress in the Coruscant underworld for some answers. And there’s another tooka! Find out more what is in store for The Clone Wars with a twitter chat today with Ashley Eckstein, hosted by Christan Blauvelt at

In this third clip from Big Shiny Robot, we see the Republic trial of Ahsoka start, with all the roles defined, and Tim Curry beginning his role as Palpatine.

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  1. To put it in Casablanca terms: That was a wow finish. :-) Still can’t quite believe they went that way. And I’m not sure what to think of the way they rolled the credits. It seemed so endtime like. Of course, this arc would work as a series finale – from a certain point of view – but I’d rather see another season that deals with the outcome of this arc.
    Alternatively this could be a great moment to jump ahead to the last moments of Order 66 and then tell the next season as a 20 episodes backdoor pilot to “Dark Times – The Ahsoka Tano Story”. I would watch that! ;-)

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