The catchup: One dad introduces the saga to his kids

Sunday reader. Using the Blu-rays, Hitfix’s Drew McWeeny is showing the Star Wars movies to his two sons for the first time. It’s a great story (they’ve seen Clone Wars but nothing else) and probably one of the best articles (and certainly the most detailed) that I’ve read on kid’s reactions to the saga. In order: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, The Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith, with the Return of the Jedi entry coming on Thursday. A great read, whether you’ve shown the movies to kids yet or not.

Occupy Coruscant? Twitter’s favorite minions of evil, Death Star PR, takes time out of their busy planet-blasting schedule to debunk Luke Skywalker’s assertion that he is part of the 99%.

Kids. A Yoda backpack helped one flower girl make it down the aisle. (via)

People. Watch Mark Hamill in the opening of Friday’s Chuck premiere.

Spoofs. The Jedi Church. Literally. Well, spoofily.

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  1. Loved the “introducing my kids to Star Wars” article except for the part where the guy’s wife told her sons that Star Wars was for boys and she didn’t want to talk about it with them and he said that was part of why he loved her. Didn’t we just go through this banana poodoo with poor Katie the Star Wars girl? Ugh.

  2. The wife’s wording was less than ideal (remember, he did say she’s not a movie/fandom person,) but there is the teacher with the one-year-old named Anakin representing for female Star Wars fans.

  3. True, I forgot about the teacher!

    I can understand his wife’s comments in context. It is a “boy thing” in their family, a definite dad-and-lad(s) project. And “Mommies like other movies” is a typical third person statement I’ve heard dozens of other moms/parents make. Taken together…yeah, less than ideal. It made me twitch.

  4. i’m still pondering “banana poodoo”… :)

    i haven’t checked out the article yet, but i am hoping that Nancy is right on – that it was meant as “Dad and the kids” shared thing (ie SW is for the boys just in the family) and not SW-is-for-boys-only.

  5. I agree that Star Wars is for everyone, but I do thinks it’s generally more appealing to boys/men.

    I guess this will be an unpopular statement on here but I really wouldn’t want my wife to be into Star Wars, and she isn’t. Though she does tolerate the occasional watch for the sake of the marriage ;)

  6. Haha, “Banana” poodoo because iOs autocorrect changed bantha but not poodoo.

    I don’t think that is an unpopular opinion, Bardan. I am a woman, and I think it would be really annoying for me if my boyfriend was really into Star Wars, too.

    There are all of these implicit messages in Star Wars about how it is for boys (even though Ashoka is in the show, all of the toy commercials only feature boys, like the most recent lightsaber commercial) and for white people (the majority of main human characters continue to be white people and most newly introduced lead characters are white.)

    It’s just depressing to see a mom tell her kid that because we don’t need parents to reinforce that gender binary. Those kids that bullied Katie didn’t learn that Star Wars was for boys only in a vacuum.

  7. You’re probably right Jedi, that’s probably why they keep on rolling out Lando in the EU.

    Obviously there’s nothing wrong with girls/women liking Star Wars, I think it’s kind of a geek thing which is generally associated with men. Though I’m proud to say that most folks wouldn’t have a clue I was a Star Wars fan unless they saw my book collection, when it’s to late to escape!

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