The catchup: Jedi and Sith in love, Vader in Ukraine

A very Star Wars engagement. This unnamed Bay Area Jedi/Sith couple put aside their differences for a Star Wars themed photo shoot by photographer Michael James. We have every faith those crazy kids will make it work, one way or another. (via)

Stunts. ‘Darth Vader’ submits a claim for 1,000 square meters of Ukraine. Good luck with that.

TV. Why is Chewbacca hanging out with the Glee folks? On second thought, having finally given up on the show this season, I don’t want to know.

People. James Earl Jones received an honorary Oscar.

Blast from the past. The internet has unearthed a 1978 interview with Mark Hamill.

4 Replies to “The catchup: Jedi and Sith in love, Vader in Ukraine”

  1. Loved that MH interview! He really comes off so funny and nice! And some of the critizicm made me lol – if they’d known then that SW would still be major 30 years later…

  2. The engagement photos are really cute. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to do something like that.

    I know several people who’ve been to Ukraine. I need one of them to become a citizen and get land next to the “space cruiser” so I can visit it, ha! Too funny. (PS: It’s just Ukraine, no “the” needed.)

  3. Thanks!

    I’m half Ukrainian and I’d really like to go there someday. My aunt has been there (and got her doctorate in Ukrainian folklore, to boot). She was rather stern when she told me I was saying it wrong.

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