The argument against ‘canon.’

The argument against ‘canon.’ On The Mary Sue, April Daniels argues that the concept actually does fandom, properties and stories more harm than good.

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  1. Can’t even spell Anakin correctly. For those who continuous biotch about the sand speech – it’s not “whining” – it’s dreading. Sand is Tatooine Sand is Slavery. and Sand will be the burial site for his mother.

  2. All very good I suppose but the expanded universe, which pretty much started this whole canon business, is over. That tells me that canon, timeline, master outline or whatever you want to call it, is over too. Mr. Lucas made it clear almost 20 years ago that the only canon that matters or that has ever mattered was/is the movie canon. The rest was merely a commercial enterprise, throwaway canon, as it were. This throwaway canon may continue in an alternate universe sort of way, but that’s up to the publishing powers that be in conjunction with Disney’s Star Wars division and whatever potential profit can be had from continuing same.

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