TGIF: Star Wars propaganda posters

Spot-on WWII doesn’t seem like the Empire’s style, but these cards by Cliff Chiang from the brand-new Galaxy 5 set are still pretty neat. Two more this way.

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  1. I really enjoyed the Galaxy Series, and this is another great addition.

    The way I see it, Lucas himself made many contrasts between the Empire and the s, with the entire military force being made up of humans, with a few rare exceptions, and the stormtroopers sharign their names with members of the German military, etc.

    This simply seems like a creative way to carry on that comparison.

  2. Those soviet posters look awesome! It seems no matter where you look, poster design is a long dead art. Probably didn’t help that Hollywood stopped producing local posters in every country. I have a book somewhere with German movie posters for US and international films from the 1950s and 60s and some of those designs are just fantastic. Others… Well. It takes a little guesswork occasionally to figure out who’s supposed to be who, but it’s part of the fun, I guess. ;-) So in short: I want more local film posters. :-)

    As for the Empire and its origins, by now it’s probably every totalitarian government in the history of the world, but the one origin that is most often overlooked is imperial Japan. After all Lucas started out with a sci-fi version of Hidden Fortress and if you look at the original emperor in ANH – well, those two lines of dialogue there are – he’s no big and evil Sith lord but rather a puppet controlled by Tarkin and his military. As I said: Imperial Japan. And Tarkin is the shogun. :-)

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