TFN thread of the indeterminate time period

The Enjayoh Is Seriously Underappreciated. The great irony of this thread, no matter how one feels about the NJO, is that in a few years there will be one just like it regarding the much-maligned Ellohteeff. Today’s ‘turd’ is tomorrow’s trophy; Thus goes the circle of fandom. (Except perhaps in regard to The Crystal Star.)

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  1. I cracked up when I got here: “A roman fleuve of Pynchonesque complexity, generated on Jungian principles from the collective unconscious[…]” I’m all for using terms like roman fleuve when it saves you from spending a sentence explaining what you mean, but throwing that together with “Pynchonesque” and Jungian theory makes an awfully dense sentence for a forum discussion.

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