Terminator: Salvation web poster, Firefly ‘Verse map

Using the web to its fullest potential, an online poster for the upcoming Terminator: Salvation has appeared on aintitcool.com.

Appearing at this past weekend’s Firefly con in Burbank, QMX has released a double-sided map of the ‘Verse for Firefly/Serenity fans: Where in the ‘Verse is (Carmen) Miranda?

And some British archaeologists search for the facts while watching the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull DVD.

2 Replies to “Terminator: Salvation web poster, Firefly ‘Verse map”

  1. Anyone else kinda annoyed that the Firefly map is double-sided? If I wanted hang it, I’d have to buy two? C’mon.

  2. Yeah, there are ways to frame it so you just have to flip it over. Saves space. I’m getting one for my son for Christmas.

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