Teenage girls are web’s content queens

Watch out for the teenagers… The New York Times says:

Research shows that among the youngest Internet users, the primary creators of Web content (blogs, graphics, photographs, Web sites) are not misfits resembling the Lone Gunmen of “The X Files.” On the contrary, the cyberpioneers of the moment are digitally effusive teenage girls.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the Lone Gunman. Well… maybe a little. As long as you bathe, boys. Daily.

Sadly, the figures for adult women are not quite as good. At least, when only looking at computer science programs, which seems a bit narrow-minded. I for one have a ‘web job,’ went into school knowing what I wanted and my degree is in fine art. There are a lot of ways to come at technology: Do you really think all those girls making icons and blogging and podcasting are going to go major in computer science? If they want to continue their hobbies professionally they’ll go for something a lot more specialized.