Tarkin is coming to The Clone Wars

StarWars.com has our first look at the future Grand Moff. He’ll make his cartoon debut February 18 in ‘The Citadel.’

7 Replies to “Tarkin is coming to The Clone Wars

  1. About time.

    I really hope they have him interact with Dooku in some way. It’s too perfect not to happen.

  2. Specially because of the “Christopher Lee” – “Peter Cushing” reunion… sort of.

  3. Some of the concerns strike me as misplaced — like Clone Wars may jeopardize the clean, elegant and seamless EU jumble that is Tarkin’s backstory. :)

  4. Juan-man – yeah, hadn’t initially thought of that, but now you mention it that will be VERY cool indeed to see on screen.
    And yeah, there are minefields aplenty in terms of conflicting back-history. part of the fun of TCW is to take these and tidy them up, while acknowledging the prior histories that have been written (only got to look at the Boba/Jango/Mando history to see it can work, of sorts).

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