Talking Star Wars, Disney and Lucasfilm on Tosche Station

Last night I joined Brian and Nanci for an emergency episode of Tosche Station Radio to discuss the buyout, and the episode is now live! Behold as we revel in the WTF!

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  1. The trouble with Disney is: You never know which Disney you’ll get. Take Pirates of the Carribean: The first one was alright, the next two were messed up, personally I like the fourth one, but that may just be me. And who’s to say what made them choose this wacky story line with Davy Jones and all that stuff. Given that there was a Monkey Island movie at the core of those scripts, it doesn’t really make a strong case for Disney as a good and capable movie studio. The 3rd Narnia film is another example where I’m not sure what role Disney played in twisting the story and turning stuff upside down. The end result felt lacking, to say the least. And even the Marvel films haven’t been greeted with only joy.
    So Disney knows how to make movies. They know how to make them fast, how to get them done and how to promote them. I’m just not sure they still know how to give a damn. If you take away the Donald shell that everyone with a heart adores, Disney is a pretty brutal organization that seems to be a little too interested in making a ton of money and a little too detached from movies as a creation of the heart to really care.
    So we could get Joss Whedon and Star Wars on a scale and quality level we have not seen since Empire. Or we could get Narnia 3 and Tron Legacy and Pirates 3 and walk out of the theatre with lots of pretty pictures and no substantial story to speak of.

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