Taking the action east

Some of us haven’t quite recovered from C4 yet (sorry, blog fans) but for those who couldn’t go, or were aching for more, last weekend saw this year’s first Star Wars Weekend at Disneyworld. However I must admit I find Mickey in X-Wing getup a bit odd – is he going to blow up Epcot?

3 Replies to “Taking the action east”

  1. Isn’t that taking the action East? :)

    And I think Micky X-Wing Pilot is kinda cute! Although I wouldn’t want to see how he deals with the Force after his turn in The Sorceror’s Apprentice.

  2. I’ll be at Disney this weekend.
    I will be marching in the parade at MGM with the Rebel Legion, Im a jedi.
    Keep and eye out for me on SW.COM.

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