Take a look at the new (old) Trek

Trailer for the remastered 40th Anniversary Star Trek. They even rerecorded the music… Overall, it doesn’t look that much different. More OT 2004 than OT 1997, if you catch my drift. Of course, this is a trailer, so they don’t give you too close a look at the CGI bits. (And scrunchy web video resolution doesn’t help matters.)

Meanwhile, over at Blog@Newsarama, the Grumpy Old Fan has some thoughts on the matter…

One Reply to “Take a look at the new (old) Trek

  1. I did find it ironic that the connection was so poor that what few special effects they showed looked worse than the original. ::grin::

    But I do have to say that the new singer they have for the theme is vastly superior to the original!

    Still, I don’t think they should’ve messed with the music. Those artists were creating something there.

    But it looks much nicer! I’ll definitely be watching these.

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