Captain Obvious/Rumor Mill OTP!

Giant box set of the Saga in 2007, maybe. Those Digital Bits – they’re totally psychic when it comes to putting two and two together. Totally. 2007 does seem pretty soon, though, what with the new DVDs just days away – I’d guess 2008, which would continue the pattern of new DVDs every two years, or whenever one of those TV shows finally materializes. But I don’t think anyone doubts we’ll see a mega-box set before the decade is out.

For good measure, here’s a digital Yoda in Episode I from the ROTS bonus DVD.

Video Monday

This week’s highlight – Stephen Colbert visits California’s 6th district, aka Lucas country. Mace Windu is not impressed.

We Didn’t Start the Fandom, a Harry Potter fandom filk. Probably doesn’t make much sense if you’re not in the fandom or reading Fandom Wank, but trust me, it’s pretty funny if you know what they’re talking about.

The old school Ewok song, acoustic on Craig Kilborn. It’s a sing-a-long!

Weird Al performs ‘Yoda’ live. S-O-D-A!

Second preview for upcoming season of BSG.
Younglings in the kitchen.
Star Wieners – Part 1, Part 2.
‘Mos Eisley’ rap video.
Yoda and Obi Wan Love Porn.
Classic Clip: Bea Arthur sings!