Captain Obvious/Rumor Mill OTP!

Giant box set of the Saga in 2007, maybe. Those Digital Bits – they’re totally psychic when it comes to putting two and two together. Totally. 2007 does seem pretty soon, though, what with the new DVDs just days away – I’d guess 2008, which would continue the pattern of new DVDs every two years, or whenever one of those TV shows finally materializes. But I don’t think anyone doubts we’ll see a mega-box set before the decade is out.

For good measure, here’s a digital Yoda in Episode I from the ROTS bonus DVD.

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  1. I don’t know if I’d put it past them to release a mega set for Christmas 2007. It is the 30th anniversary, after all.

    And, yes. I will probably buy that one, too!

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