The fandom minute: Tees, lists, pedias, cubes

Star Wars t-shirt roundup, just in time for spring

IMAGE: CANTINA BAND RULZ!!!These aren’t authorized (well, maybe the ThinkGeek one) or otherwise legally kosher, but that’s the risk you take, isn’t it? Enjoy!

Star Wars Etsy finds: Indie goodies for geeks

IMAGE: Obi-Wan sock monkeys by Siansburys @ Etsy

The cream of the crop for this go-round are these two uber-impressive Obi-Wan sock monkeys – your choice of Padawan or mentor Ben – by Siansburys. (She also has a John McClane.)

T-shirts for the fans, by the fans?

So far, we’ve only heard of one case where LFL came down on someone making unlicensed t-shirts. And there have a been a lot of them… But is walking too close to the line?

Of course, most of the fans don’t care. And if they can come up with some shirts that are more Threadless than Wal*Mart, even I might be swayed. (The current selection is less than encouraging, but it’s early.) But for now? I’ve spent too much time wrangling fanfic to be anything but wary of this sort of thing.

Unauthorized t-shirt roundup


You might have seen ChopShop’s pin-striped Tusken Raider, Vader and Chewbacca, on Boing Boing or Preshrunk, who have an apt point about liscensed tees: “WWE grade drek.” I hear ya, dude. The last mass-produced liscensed shirt I really loved I bought off a clearance rack at the mall back in the late 90’s.

Get them before LFL does!