John Morton clarifies Rebels/Episode VII remarks

So our pal John Morton (aka Dak!) had some speculation on Rebels and Episode VII that some on the internet have kind of taken and… run with. They ran pretty far. Now, in an interview with the East County Times, he’s clarified that while he thinks it’s possible that we’ll see Rebels characters in Episode VII, they might not be the main characters as we know them now, and that he has no official knowledge of this: It’s just speculation, same as us.

He also talks a bit about filming Empire Strikes Back. And apparently I have been lax in pointing out that he’s on Twitter as @tapcaf!

Hopes and expectations for San Diego’s Star Wars Spectacular

The Death Star at CIVSo as I said last week, I pretty firmly believe that Sansweet and company are finally going to bust out the official Celebration V announcement next month at San Diego Comic Con, but I’m not sure that really justifies airing the thing on G4.

Not that C5 wouldn’t be big news for us, but for the general audience at SDCC and G4 it’s not really wait-in-line or tune-in now material. The second season of The Clone Wars and The Old Republic MMO are certain to make appearances, but the TOR trailer is old news and while it’ll be nice to see Disney’s TCW preview in wide and open release, neither of those are exactly earth-shaking.

No, the ante has been upped; I’m expecting – hoping- something big. Like some major news on the live-action series, perhaps? Hasn’t been much solid on that lately, but there have been those rumors flying around about casting and murmurs about possible shooting locations. (And now… John Williams? Not that IMDB is most reliable of sources at this point in the game.) It’s a long shot… But we can hope. For a name, at the very least.

What would you like to hear? Would C5 and The Clone Wars alone satisfy you?

Sue Rostoni has ‘no comment’ on mystery books: Idle speculation on the new contract

Not the most surprising comment in the world, but hey, at least it’s something:

I can’t comment on this yet because the contract (a different one than the “main” contract) has not yet been signed. And “first announcements” will appear on first, so if you haven’t read it from the main site, I can’t comment on it here.

As for ongoing contract issue that she also addresses, it should be noted that both books are listed as Del Rey releases on Amazon and also appear on (with the Del Rey logo) just like all the currently announced upcoming books. Would LFL pursue a secondary contract with Del Rey if they weren’t planning on renewing the main one? (And for that matter, why is Del Rey adding them to the catalog if the contract isn’t signed? Solicitation requirements?)

We have had dual book contracts before (Del Rey/Bantam in the 90’s) but I’m not really inclined to believe that LFL would go back in that direction.

“KOTOR III concept art,” the continuing story

Remember the supposed ‘KOTOR III’ images? Here’s what artist James Zhang told EUCantina:

“I’ve never used photobucket — those images were swiped off a private folder on my website, and certainly weren’t intended for public use.”


“I can’t really comment on anything regarding the images.”

I’ve been hearing some rumblings – nothing verifiable, and quite possibly simple fan speculation – that a KOTOR III was at one point being considered, but was dropped/postponed for The Force Unleashed, something a lot of the GDC stories last week support. I wouldn’t give up hope for future installments, but don’t certainly lose sleep over it.