Hopes and expectations for San Diego’s Star Wars Spectacular

The Death Star at CIVSo as I said last week, I pretty firmly believe that Sansweet and company are finally going to bust out the official Celebration V announcement next month at San Diego Comic Con, but I’m not sure that really justifies airing the thing on G4.

Not that C5 wouldn’t be big news for us, but for the general audience at SDCC and G4 it’s not really wait-in-line or tune-in now material. The second season of The Clone Wars and The Old Republic MMO are certain to make appearances, but the TOR trailer is old news and while it’ll be nice to see Disney’s TCW preview in wide and open release, neither of those are exactly earth-shaking.

No, the ante has been upped; I’m expecting – hoping- something big. Like some major news on the live-action series, perhaps? Hasn’t been much solid on that lately, but there have been those rumors flying around about casting and murmurs about possible shooting locations. (And now… John Williams? Not that IMDB is most reliable of sources at this point in the game.) It’s a long shot… But we can hope. For a name, at the very least.

What would you like to hear? Would C5 and The Clone Wars alone satisfy you?

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  1. I’d be perfectly happy with C5, but I can’t help but think of the general audience on this one.

    Of course, now that I’ve said this, it’ll turn out to be something not at all shocking like the saga on Blu-Ray or a DVD box set, or some video game that won’t end up coming out until 2015. If we get anything new at all.

  2. Gotta (hopefully) be the official C5 announcement, with the other SW-related news updates playing second fiddle to this announcement. I can see LFL making the C5 announcement live, and then having Starwars.com updated with the story a short while later in the day.

  3. That’s what I was thinking before the G4 thing, but now… I don’t know. It would make sense for just the con-going public/people who obsessively watch StarWars.com but now I have to wonder.

  4. I think they’ll announce stuff about the live-action series. I would like to agree with Justin, but I think it’s highly illogical for them to use live airtime for an announcement that will only affect a subset of SW fans (relative to the overall fan base, of course). A DVD box set would also be appropriate, with possible SDCC exclusivity. I also think we’re probably going to get the George Lucas beard groomer kit. (Listen to the latest Force-Cast for that one.)

  5. I honestly don’t care what the announcements will be. As long as I keep getting new SW I’ll take whatever I can get. That said, I’ll happily squee about any sort of new cartoon or live-action news.

  6. I really could care-less about the live-action series, compared to C5. That’s what I want to know about, but only because of the rumors that it could be in my area. I’m sure when it gets announced to be on the other side of the continent, I’ll realize the live-action news would have been nicer.

  7. G4 deserves tons of credit for this, but… well… it aint CNN. I doubt they’re pressuring LFL to do anything special. The fact that G4 is airing anything exclusive from Geek Mecca is newsworthy enough for its audience.

    I’m hoping I’m wrong, though!

  8. I would be thrilled to hear about a C5, but I would definitely settle for info about the live action series! I’m not a clone wars fan, for various reasons, but I still have hope the live action will grab my attention and hold it.

  9. I doubt there will be any real news, other than fan-specific announcements like C5. I think G4 is experimenting with expanded CC coverage, and the Star Wars panel is a predictable and safe event for them to broadcast live.

    Hope I’m wrong though and there will be some earth-shattering news. How is it they keep us so optimistic while constantly deflating our expectations?

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