Out this week

TEASER: Legacy #19Good news, comic fans – you’re getting a crack at Legacy #19, the final chapter of the ‘Claws of the Dragon’ storyline this Wednesday. And for an added bonus, Rebellion #11 is also on the shipping list.

There’s no sign of the eagerly-awaited Legacy: Shards trade. The trades have been coming out earlier than Dark Horse lists them, but it’s still probably too soon.

Upcoming releases: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

IMAGE: The Essential AtlasUpdated our Star Wars book schedule again… Random House is now listing both The Force Unleashed novelization and Making of for a June 24 release. (For the record: LucasArts.com has actual TFU game as coming ‘Summer 2007,’ which seems to mean August.)

We also get an exact date for The Essential Atlas: it’s also been pushed back, from the initial June to September 23. (June was getting rather crowded.)

Per usual, all dates are subject to change.

Upcoming releases: Mark your calender!

Prepping for the new year, I’ve gone through and updated our Star Wars book schedule with several upcoming release dates. Please note that all these dates are from Random House, and no doubt subject to change. (Write them in pencil.)

Our releases page is always linked on the sidebar, if you ever find yourself in need.

As for you comic fans, even I don’t have the patience to track those crazy ever-changing release dates for more than a few days in advance, but I can throw you a bone – the preview for Dark Times #8, which may or may not come out at the end of the month.

Out this week, continued

Dark Horse: UR DOIN IT WRONGIndeed, Diamond does list Knights of the Old Republic #24 as shipping on Friday. And the wearisome Luke/Mara mush fans will be happy to learn that the latest 30th Anniversary hardcover, 1999’s Union, will also be gracing comic store shelves. Alas, the cover is still the one that caused at least half of Club Jade to flinch in embarrassment the first time around. Just remember: Underneath the horrid cover lies Stackpole. And butt bows. But mostly Stackpole.

And back to KOTOR, Dark Horse posted the preview for #24 today.