Roundup: Bob Iger on Episode VII release date, Star Wars in the Disney parks

Bob Iger (Bloomberg TV)Video. Bob Iger talks to Bloomberg TV about choosing Episode VII’s release date and confirms (again) that Disney is developing Star Wars attractions for their parks.

Meanwhile, J.J. Abrams and Neil Gaiman were on BBC Newsnight with author Doug Dorst to talk about their book S, and, eventually, Star Wars and casting. (13:00 mark.)

Cartoon. Disney XD has a site up for Rebels. (via)

Wow. Yeah, The Wrap really did go ask Disney about the Twentieth Century Fox fanfare and Episode VII. Hard hitting.

Countdown. How many days until Episode VII? (via)

Roundup: Saoirse Ronan says she’s out of the running for Episode VII

s-ronan200Actors. Saoirse Ronan is no longer in the running for Star Wars. “I don’t have the role,” she tells The Playlist. “I just shouldn’t have said anything. I just auditioned for it, like everyone else did.”

Casting. Word continues to spread about the open call that may (or may not) be for Episode VII. Gary Kurtz talks to The Guardian about the open calls for the original Star Wars and David Prowse shares some advice for the hopefuls with the BBC.

Games Jeremy Conrad of Furious Fanboys thinks the December part of the equation relates to Episode VII and Rebels tie-ins with the Disney Infinity game. As always with gaming, I shrug.

Roundup: Rumor mill takes on Episode VII script shake-up

SEQUEL TRILOGY RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.Fallout rumors. In the wake of the announcement that Abrams and Kasdan are scripting, perhaps the most measured response – and the one I recommend you take to heart – comes from HitFix’s Drew McWeeny. Taking a more shit-stirring tone is Devin Faraci of Badass Digest, but I’d take him with a big grain of salt. That said, I’m sick of all the posturing we’re getting about possible release dates – May, December, whatever: Everyone is being insufferable. Calm yourselves, nerds.

UPDATE: This morning, Jedi News has some analysis. They believe the signs say that Kasdan and Abrams will be polishing the script, and that “Ardnt’s story remains intact.”

October 30! Before the big news broke, we got yet more denials that the trailer reveals are ‘counting down’ to something. Matt’s just very pattern-oriented. But wait, there’s another new conspiracy date to hitch the bandwagon to: November 7, which brings Disney’s next earnings call.

Rebels. Don’t get your hopes up too much for those “Darth Vader Themed TV Specials” we heard about last week. Furious Fanboy’s Jeremy Conrad points out that an older Rebels marketing plan promised “Four short-form interstitials will release in Summer 2014, introducing viewers to the characters of Star Wars Rebels.” Might those be the “specials?”

‘Lost’ footage found. And speaking of unearthing old stuff, this Facebook page has been sharing Return of the Jedi from from some sort of EditDroid demo.

Roundup: Clone Wars, Rebels, rumors and Threepio, oh my!

FiloniCartoons. Dave Filoni chats with both IGN and about Star Wars cartoons past and present. Mostly The Clone Wars, of course, given the new releases.

Dueling rumors. Jedi News’ Jedi Master SQL says that with John Williams only contracted for movies, J.J. Abrams himself may compose the Rebels theme. But Making Star Wars says it will be Williams doing the theme – and something for at least one other TV show. All-righty then. UPDATE: Michael Giacchino also in the mix?

Podcasting. On that note, Full of Sith’s latest Rumor Control is out, and I’m proud to have joined regulars Bryan Young and Bobby Roberts to chat Rebels (we taped this just hours after the NYCC reveals) and the latest Episode VII news and rumors.

Alumni. Anthony Daniels teased fans about C-3PO appearing in Episode VII, per Business Insider Australia, while Disney themselves teased that the droids would “presumably” return at D23 Expo Japan. Confirmation? Not really, but it’s probably a fairly safe assumption to make.

NYCC: Meet Rebels’ big bad, the Inquisitor

The Inquisitor

True to the panels’ subtitle, Pablo’s Rebels presentation at NYCC focused on ‘the might of the Empire.’ The big ticket reveal? The show’s primary villain, ‘the Inquisitor.’

Rebels (logo)Yes, Inquisitors do exist in the EU, and yes, it’s been pointed out that this one does resemble The Son from Clone Wars’ Mortis arc… Although he appears he may be Utapaun?

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video with Dave Filoni:

Other things we learned? The show begins 14 years after Revenge of the Sith with a focus on the Outer Rim planet of Lothal. And of course, there’s more at

UPDATE: Hero Complex interviews Filoni and has another piece of concept art, and check out

Check out our Storify of tweets from NYCC, below the cut.

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NYCC: Star Wars at New York Comic Con

nycc-logo-2013-loThis weekend is New York Comic Con, and Star Wars will be out in full force – even more than their presence at San Diego Comic-Con back in July. From October 10 – 13, the Javits Center in New York City will be wall-to-wall fandom, and topping it off for Star Wars fans will be Pablo Hidalgo’s panel on Rebels on Saturday at 2:45 pm. On Tuesday, @StarWars warned that there will be a giveaway item at the Rebels panel – some sort of Imperial propaganda.

Del Rey announced their lineup of authors doing signings at their Star Wars Books booth (and free book giveaways), with John Jackson Miller, Drew Karpyshyn, J. W. Rinzler, Ryder Windham, Jason Fry, and Chris Reiff making appearances.

Rooqoo Depot has a great listing of more Star Wars goings-on, including a list of the Star Wars panels (Anthony Daniels! Origami! Making of Return of the Jedi!), as well as booth signings for DK Books and Dark Horse Comics.

Hallmark-2013-NYCC-RancorFor those looking for exclusive merchandise, Hallmark has a Rancor ornament, Kotobukiya has an R2-Q5 ARTFX+ Statue, and Dark Horse has a NYCC sketch cover variant for The Star Wars #1. Her Universe will be selling at the official Reed Pop store.