Roundup: Rumor mill takes on Episode VII script shake-up

SEQUEL TRILOGY RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.Fallout rumors. In the wake of the announcement that Abrams and Kasdan are scripting, perhaps the most measured response – and the one I recommend you take to heart – comes from HitFix’s Drew McWeeny. Taking a more shit-stirring tone is Devin Faraci of Badass Digest, but I’d take him with a big grain of salt. That said, I’m sick of all the posturing we’re getting about possible release dates – May, December, whatever: Everyone is being insufferable. Calm yourselves, nerds.

UPDATE: This morning, Jedi News has some analysis. They believe the signs say that Kasdan and Abrams will be polishing the script, and that “Ardnt’s story remains intact.”

October 30! Before the big news broke, we got yet more denials that the trailer reveals are ‘counting down’ to something. Matt’s just very pattern-oriented. But wait, there’s another new conspiracy date to hitch the bandwagon to: November 7, which brings Disney’s next earnings call.

Rebels. Don’t get your hopes up too much for those “Darth Vader Themed TV Specials” we heard about last week. Furious Fanboy’s Jeremy Conrad points out that an older Rebels marketing plan promised “Four short-form interstitials will release in Summer 2014, introducing viewers to the characters of Star Wars Rebels.” Might those be the “specials?”

‘Lost’ footage found. And speaking of unearthing old stuff, this Facebook page has been sharing Return of the Jedi from from some sort of EditDroid demo.

3 Replies to “Roundup: Rumor mill takes on Episode VII script shake-up”

  1. Heh, at this point I’m looking forward to Rinzler’s Making Of book almost as much as the movie itself. :p

  2. @Doublesith: HA! Awesome.

    The moment I heard J.J. and Kasdan were taking over, my first thought was, “Story Group” control. Plus, him talking with George “daily” was probably hinting at a more direct takeover. Those two minds together…who knows what they’d come up with.

  3. I like the McWeeny approach. And he’s so right – the pressure of the film is insane – of course the script is going to get chewed through by everyone who ha s a chance of making it better and particularly by those who’s future name depends on it! What these guys are up against makes the Death Star pale.

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