Video: Top Star Wars/Simpson’s moments, plus classic video archive shake down

Sci-Fi Wire counts down the ten greatest Star Wars moments from The Simpson’s. Nothing you probably don’t already remember, but what the hell.

In other videoish news, io9’s Graeme McMillan is way too enamored of this Japanese Disco Star Wars thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s kind of adorable, but five minutes in the our archives and I can dig up way better than that.

…Maybe I need to make a top ten list of my own.

Fan art: HERD (rat-ATAT-touille) by Adriean Koleric

HERD by Adriean Koleric

Designer Adriean Koleric is repainting and modifying vintage AT-ATs for his upcoming show HERD : rat-ATAT-touille. In his own words:

The idea behind the HERD series is to put focus on items of Western Pop culture that has and still influences me in the Design field as well as the new Artistic direction for ITEM. I wanted to show that these type of items, though mass produced and marketed, were infact what I considered art growing up as opposed to disposal product.

There’s plenty of other Star Wars-themed work at his blog, ITEM. Poke around! (via)

Broaden Your Intellect

Do all those sci-fi shows make you feel smarter than most? reports that anthropologist Daryl Frazetti will be lecturing on Star Trek and its impact on culture.

Of note to the women of Club Jade, one of his lectures will be entitled “From Bjo Trimble to Starwars Chicks: Female Fans of Star Wars and Star Trek.”

According to the article, “Based on his research into fandom, the talk will focus on the historical role of women in the fan community, and discuss how media stereotypes of fans are often problematic. There will also be a comparison of male and female fans regarding their fan activities, and a comparison of “Star Wars” fans to Star Trek fans.”

How quickly will this talk end up on the internet?