Filk Friday

Welcome to the first of a hopefully regular weekly installment of Filk Friday!

To kick things off, I’d like to feature one of my recent favorites, written a few months ago, but recently performed at GenCon: Classic Four to Six by Grand Admiral Sean. A well-crafted parody of 1985 by Bowling for Soup, this song captures how many fans (including this one) seem to feel about the prequel trilogy and special editions. Han Shot First, dammit!

Don’t know what a filk is? Find out here.

“Seek what they sought:” Site breaks down the origins and influences of Star Wars

You MUST check this out: Star Wars Origins. The amount of work and research put into this site is simply amazing. There’s nothing really groundbreaking, but it’s a far more complete look at the origins of the saga than any other article or site I’ve ever seen – including the Magic of Myth book.

In depth looks at many of the things that influenced (or may have influenced) Lucas: Campbell, Flash Gordon, Kurosawa, 2001, Ben Hur, Lord of the Rings… And more. Brilliant, wonderful site. Why have I never heard of it before???