Geek in Review: Han Shoots First

Wil Wheaton on Star Wars. As you might expect, it’s not always the most positive take on the saga, but that’s the nature of these things, isn’t it?

We love Star Wars because, when viewed from our complicated adult lives through the lens of childhood nostalgia, we see a simpler, happier time, and recall this phenomenon that was an integral part of our lives. Remember what it was like to see the Death Star blow up the first time? Remember how you just couldn’t believe it that they froze Han Solo? If you were young enough at the time, will you admit that you thought the Ewoks were actually kind of funny and cool? (I will.) And how much did you run around the woods near your house, pretending to be on a speeder bike? See, it’s more than a movie; it’s culture.

Also check out his article notes in his regular blog.