Score or soundtrack? Who cares!

Slice of Sci-Fi’s Top Ten Science Fiction and Fantasy Movie Soundtracks of All Time. Star Wars clocks in fairly low, which… okay. (A subjective list of music on the internet? Gasp!)

Still, doesn’t The Fifth Element deserve some love?

Any excuse for a video post

News in Brief

Ground was broken yesterday at the future Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at the National Mall in D.C.. George Lucas donated $1 million to the memorial.

Basil Poledouris, film composer who did the music for Starship Troopers, RoboCop, and Conan and a classmate of George Lucas at USC, passed away last week. Watch a video tribute at Youtube.

Fans are big on spin-off novels. Shocking! However – Star Trek and Lost I can understand, but do CSI novels really sell better than Star Wars, as the article insinuates?

All things muppetlike and furry

Buh-bye, Andy

We interrupt the exciting news about Helen’s upcoming book to break some sad (and probably not-so-surprising) news to the Durannies who frequent this page:

Andy Taylor is leaving Duran Duran.


I remember listening to an appearance of Andy and Simon on a local Atlanta radio station and Andy was none-too-pleasant. Simon sounded like he was rather exhausted trying to cover up for him.

I’m impressed they made it five years! And Duran Duran with Timbaland? Could be kinda cool…

Okay. Back to your regularly-scheduled geekdom.