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DK Books is doing Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide. Looks like it’ll be pretty extensive. I doubt there will be as much as the Sansweet encyclopedia, but who really needs to know all that much about the second guy on the right in Jabba’s palace anyway?

But what every kid (and more than a few grown-ups) will want for Christmas is the Ultimate Build Your Own Lightsaber Kit. Preorder now and save yourself from the Tickle-Me-Elmoesque feeding frenzy.

And finally, for Hyperspace members, the Set Diaries are returning. Now that the movie is out, Pablo can let loose with all the really spoilery stuff. Today, it’s the cruel fate of Shaak Ti.

Desperate for Vader

Seems some fans are just a bit too keen to get their hands on Burger Kings toys.

“They warned me before it started someone may try to steal my Darth Vader off the roof,” said Chris Hamilton, manager at a Columbus Burger King. But Hamilton wasn’t ready for thieves to break into his Plexiglas display case to steal “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith” toys during the promotion. His restaurant is on its third case.

PG denies being in the vicinity. Yav isn’t even on the continent.

Cue the music… and the giggles.

Revenge of the Sith soundtrack with bonus Palpatine! Well, and a DVD. But mostly Ian McDiarmid. Oddly enough, does not come out on April 2nd with the rest of the prequel stuff…

We also get a look at some new toys. The highlight? An Obi-Wan lightsaber that, um, vibrates:

Obi-Wan Kenobi Electronic Lightsaber — Turn it on and it vibrates with the power of the mystic energy field that surrounds all living things.

Mystical power of the Force. Sure.