I’ve never heard of such a brutal and shocking injustice that I cared so little about

Video Business talks to Lucasfilm director of publicity John Singh, and confirms the reports that the original movies on the upcoming DVDs will not be high-def:

“We put a lot of time and effort into digitally restoring the negatives for the 2004 DVD releases,” Singh said. “The late ’90s theatrical versions represent George’s vision for Star Wars. We hoped that by releasing the original movies as a bonus disc, it would be a way to give the fans something that is fun. We certainly didn’t want to be become a source of frustration for fans.”

Although the prints aren’t in the best of shape, the masters used for the laserdiscs “do look good,” Singh assured.

I still don’t think it’s that big a deal, but sometimes there’s just no pleasing this fandom.

Rerelease hoedown

Begun, this format war has… More thoughts on the OOT DVD transfer issue from The Digital Bits.

TFN has a report of The Phantom Menace in 3-D. Either that’s a very good sign (The entire saga in 3-D! See them all!) or very bad (The prequel trilogy gets 3-Ded first. Not enough of a draw for this fan, sorry. Unless it happens around a con.) Or, given what’s said by George Lucas, TPM was just the pitch and the article screws it up, since all the other reports are saying A New Hope is first up…