OOT cover art revealed

Yet more technicolor collage madness. I was hoping for a more straight out retro look, but I guess that’s why John Knoll gave us Photoshop.

3 Replies to “OOT cover art revealed”

  1. We couldn’t come up with a different style for this release? I think these look better than the original DVD artwork, but still….

  2. Okay. They couldn’t come up with a new style for this release? I think the montages look better, but still…

  3. I just really dislike the collage approach they’ve used for all the DVDs. There’s something very… fanboy about them. Generic photoshop, up saturation and… scene. Yawn.

    There’s also the issue that these do look a hell of a lot like the 2004 releases. Even a nice Struzan revisit to the classic stuff (Like the circus poster! Circus posters for all!) would make these stand out a lot more from the previous release. At least in the eyes of fans who know what’s inside the big silver box. ;)

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