Expanded Universe at random

It was a busy week on the VIP blogs… First, a slightly defensive Drew Karpyshyn Rule of Two update (seriously fanboys, lay off the guy already,) then John Jackson Miller pondered keeping things unexplained, and we were favored with an Abel G. Peña double-punch on Darth names and, of all things, The Crystal Star.

Book and comic updates

Nonfiction: J.W. Rinzler talks about wrapping up work on next year’s Making of Star Wars. He mentions two books I don’t think we’ve heard much about, a scrapbook and a pop-up book.

Fiction: Sue Rostoni posts a short timeline of Tempest. And in comics, John Jackson Miller has announced that Dark Horse is going to revive the in-continuity news source starting with in Knights of the Old Republic #13. No word on if this will spread to the other comics.

ETA: Apparently letter columns are returning to the comics as well, though it’s not known in what issues yet. (Thanks, Broox!)