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Tonight we get our first official look at Star Wars Insider #89, and the cover for A Practical Man, Karen Traviss’ Boba Fett e-novella. The Insider is on it’s way out to subscribers now, and word is that this very site gets a mention. Hmm…

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Star Wars Spectacular

LFL pushed the nostalgia angle – not surprising with the DVD release and 30-year anniversary.

The big news is LFL flying in 200 501st members and other costumed fans to take part in 2007’s Tournament of Roses Parade. Not much new about Celebration IV – at least the one in L.A. But it was announced that LFL plans to hold another con next year – Celebration Europe, in London next July.

And we finally get something to go on with one of the TV shows – the animated show will take place late in the Clone Wars, and Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda and others will appear.

And it looks like the Secrets of 07 mystery is indeed a game. Focused on the Force and set between ROTS and ANH, it’ll contain both existing and new characters.

In short, there’s a lot going on, so be sure to read the report. There are several video clips from the Spectacular available for Hyperspace members as well.

Oh wow…

The cover of Darth Bane: Path of Destruction is awesome. It’s by John Jude Palencar, one of those fantasy artists whose work I like but never expected to see on a Star Wars cover.

We’ve also got names for book 4 and 5 of Legacy – #4 is Exile and #5 is Sacrifice, by Allston and Traviss respectively.

And for you NJO fans, Hyperspace is now running Greg Keyes’ Emissary of the Void, a six-part story previously printed in Star Wars Gamer and the Insider. Roundup

Our cup runneth over today…

If you’re a paid-up Hyperspace member you can become President of the Star Wars Fan Club by being really, really annoying. I annoy through blogging. Should I just link to all Hyperspace articles from now on? The username’s D-A-R-K S-P-O-R-K.

Of use to those with artistic talent are portfolio review tips from Lucas Licensing Art Director Troy Alders.

For the collectors, a preview of new stuff from Hasbro.

And gamers are no doubt having fits over the official announcment of LEGO Star Wars II. I just want old-fashioned non-digital solid LEGOs. Is that so wrong?