Video Monday: All-Trek Edition

I’m late today, sorry. My teleporter broke. Hopefully this vast array of Star Trek videos will make up for my tardiness. (Hey, it’s forty years. I can give them a video post.)

The Kirk/Spock ‘Closer’ fanvid that’s burning up the internets. Yup, that’s the fandom that invented slash… Like you had any doubts.

Shatner’s infamous “Get a Life” clip from Saturday Night Live.

Nerf Herder sings about Mr. Spock. FANDOM BETRAYERS! Erm, good show, mates!

Betty White roasts William Shatner. Who knew that sweet little old lady could be so dirty?

Funny commercial for Star Trek: Enterprise.

Of course, no collection of videos is complete without a Monty Python mashup.

These Trek highlights from Youtube user m185874 are not be missed. He has uploaded fanvids from other series – most notably Babylon5 – that promise to be at least half as hilarious as these:
Bohemian Rhapsody
I Will Survive
I’m Too Sexy
The Time Warp

And, of course… KHHAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!

Fandom giveth, and LFL taketh away

Several Star Wars videos on Youtube have been removed due to requests from Lucasfilm. This isn’t a new phenomenon by any means, but it appears the number of users and videos affected is fairly large this time, and not limited to direct DVD rips like the bloopers I linked Monday, but also older fanvids and the like. Surprise. Not.

Hopefully this means less emo Anakin vids. That development I could certainly get behind. Now if only there was a way to filter out all the eighth graders ‘practicing’ with lightsiders…

On the plus side, episode 2 of Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager went up last night. Most parody works, which are the majority of what we link, should be safe. But be warned that any and all videos we link are subject to vanish without warning.

ETA: It was all a dream mistake.

Video Monday

All the featured videos this week are… songvids! And not a one of them is Evanescence.

Weird Al’s ‘Jerry Springer’ proves to be a pretty good match for the saga. Who knew?

Palpatine does it his way. I really want to see this done with the punk version, too.

‘La Vie Boheme’ from Rent done up Harry Potter style. A bit slow to start, but it made me laugh out loud a couple times. (Thanks to Ruby for the find!)

Cute French candy commercial.
Jonathan Rinzler talks about Art of ROTS.
Vader is an smartass.
Classic Clip: Trooper Clerks.