Fandom giveth, and LFL taketh away

Several Star Wars videos on Youtube have been removed due to requests from Lucasfilm. This isn’t a new phenomenon by any means, but it appears the number of users and videos affected is fairly large this time, and not limited to direct DVD rips like the bloopers I linked Monday, but also older fanvids and the like. Surprise. Not.

Hopefully this means less emo Anakin vids. That development I could certainly get behind. Now if only there was a way to filter out all the eighth graders ‘practicing’ with lightsiders…

On the plus side, episode 2 of Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager went up last night. Most parody works, which are the majority of what we link, should be safe. But be warned that any and all videos we link are subject to vanish without warning.

ETA: It was all a dream mistake.

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