The Clone Wars premiere tonight! has episode guides and preview clips for ‘Ambush’ and ‘Rising Malevolence’. Meanwhile, The Clone Wars web comic launches.

Lately in The Clone Wars: House parties, interviews

A few days back Rebelscum had a Clone Wars house party kit – now we have the details from the official site. One kid, Chicago’s Calvin Rodgers (above) is getting the red-carpet treatment.

The House Party folks may only have three days left before they see the first two episodes, but the rest of us are still waiting until October 3… Still, reviews and such are showing up:

We’re sure to see more as we approach the air date, and/or the TFU buzz fades.

The Clone Wars: Monday afternoon critical mass

George Lucas and Ashoka at TCW premiere (Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos)

Today in The Clone Wars

The video game clip that showed up in Entertainment Weekly yesterday is now up at, or watch it above. LucasArts has launched a new site for the games.

Today (yesterday?) in The Clone Wars

Today in The Clone Wars (so far)

The movie was screened for the media yesterday, so I’ll be on the lookout for increased coverage. So far there’s not too much out there (embargos?) but CNBC’s Jim Goldman has some (nonspoilery) praise. And has an interview with George Lucas and Dave Filoni.

To hold us over, io9 has ten reasons why the Clone Wars TV series is going to rule, including “seriously kickass female ninjas.” Not really sure about Ashoka myself, but I am looking forward to see more Asajj Ventress. Head over to Moviehole for an interview with TCW’s Anakin, Matt Lanter, and U.S. military folks are advised to check with their base theaters for early screenings!

Todayish in The Clone Wars: The second review!

The Clone Wars lineup