The Clone Wars: TFN talks to Filoni and Gilroy

Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy answer fan questions on The Clone Wars over at A lot of interesting tidbits on the show, its relation to the EU, George’s involvement and other food for thought, like Gilroy’s comments on the unique challenges of writing a digital show:

It wasn’t really an issue of balance. When I wrote the first episode, I wished I could have used the entire Jedi Council, but because we were just building the studio, the only characters I had available were Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda. Mace wasn’t originally in the movie story, because he wasn’t built yet, he was added way later. This was the incredible challenge as the head writer, I was tasked with writing Star Wars and making it feel as big as Star Wars, but only allowed to build ONE new character per episode (I started with 9 — can you name them?). So Luminara and Kit showed up at the very first chance I could put them in the show.

Oh, and there’s also something in there about George and the Wookieepedia. Yes, seriously.

In other interview news, EUC has one with The Force Unleashed’s Sam Witwer, and is taking questions for Matt Stover.

Everyone catch up with The Clone Wars

Got way behind on blogging the last few weeks, and I’m afraid The Clone Wars took the brunt of it. Ironically, is running an ‘online marathon’ of all the already-aired episodes (are they not all going to be up past Jan 5?) and so you guys can take this time to catch up as well. There’s also some games and stuff, apparently.

The last episode, ‘Lair of Grievous,’ aired more than a week ago (gulp) and came with all the trimmings: Commentary, Holonet News, webcomic, even posters for the Hyperspacers. And of course, you can now watch it online.

The Clone Wars: ‘Bombad Jedi’ aftermath has the obligatory updated episode guide and a video commentary. Also, a very pretty screenshot of that slug-thing, seen above.

It’s Friday, it must be The Clone Wars

She looks different in every still...Tonight they ‘Destroy Malevolence,’ Padme and Threepio make their TV debut, get taken hostage (shocking!) and blah blah blah tune in at 9. UPDATE: has an interview with Catherine Taber, who voices Padme for the series and also took on Leia in The Force Unleashed. Again: Episode commentary.