Cute attack: Star Wars at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Shouldn't the more reddish bear get Obi-Wan's outfit? NOT CANON!

Even putting the Ewoks aside, fanmade Star Wars and other sci-fi themed teddy bears are nothing new, as a quick search on Flickr (and CJ’s own Lissy) will tell you.

But now we have something from the official realm to make it easier to please kids and collectors: Star Wars costumes from Build-a-bear Workshop. Currently they only have Clone Wars-inspired Anakin, Jedi (totally Obi-Wan,) and Rex, plus a Darth Vader and a themed pajama set. Will we see more movie-inspired styles? I suspect the Christmas sales rates will tell us… Dressed bears cost $40-$35, and the costumes alone go for $15-12. The Vader outfit is currently one of their top 20 products! (via)

Om nom nom: Time for a pre-JadeCon cupcake break

Cupcakes by spoolsisters @ Flickr

Be sure to take a closer look at these great Star Wars cupcakes by Spoolsisters (Tracy & Carrie) at Flickr. (via)

I’m not sure how much posting there will be for the next couple of days, as JadeCon is officially gearing up on Thursday and I’ve got a ton and half to do before flying out tomorrow. But as always, we’ll have laptops and try our best to post from the con! (You can peruse the previous years, at your peril, here.)

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