Turn to the Yarn Side

More with the yarn! If you like crochet, patterns for afghan squares, including the Alliance logo, an X-wing, A-wing, TIE, and AT-ST. These are graphed out, so they could also be used for anything else worked from “square” graphs.

Scroll *aaaaallllll* the way down the very long page to get to the pattern links.

Fall to the Craft Side

Club Jade is fully stocked with crafty types, but we’re so not alone. I promised Dunc a year ago that I’d post some about craft sources/ideas/what have you. Even on my schedule it’s time to get started!

Over at LiveJournal, onelittlestar has posted graphed Leia. Scroll down, because she’s in the comments to the original post. If you look carefully, you’ll see that the individual squares are actually squashy little rectangles. That means that this chart is designed for knitting rather than cross-stitch or needlepoint.

Sarah Bradberry at knitting-and.com has a page of Star Wars knitting charts that I really like. Hers are designed to be knit using fair isle technique. I’ve used some of these for socks, with great results.