First look at new Guide, LOTF’s Inferno

Guess what’s confirmed? Jedi vs. Sith – The Essential Guide to the Force, written by Ryder Windham (Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide,) illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards (The New Essential Chronology) and Chris Trevas (The New Essential Guide to Alien Species) and expected for November release.

And then there’s the solicitation art for Troy Denning’s Inferno. I have to admit that with all this hype I’m half expecting the real thing to look a bit like this.

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Tonight we get our first official look at Star Wars Insider #89, and the cover for A Practical Man, Karen Traviss’ Boba Fett e-novella. The Insider is on it’s way out to subscribers now, and word is that this very site gets a mention. Hmm…

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