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Star Wars Roundup: Weekend edition

Millions of gamers suddenly cried out in horror upon discovering that the Star Wars game for Wii is just the Lego Star Wars re-release. Poor, poor gamers.

Alderaan shot first

Nobody puts Chewie in the corner!

A British survey found that the Star Wars trilogy is the most-watched film for men, and the second most-watched for woman. Look, I’ll admit to having seen Dirty Dancing (the woman’s #1) more than once, but… dude.. Another CJ favorite, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, also makes both lists, at #6 on the women’s and #10 on the men’s. And surprisingly, The Matrix makes #9 on the women’s list, with no showing on the men’s, and the woman-kicks-alien-ass appeal of Alien and Aliens makes a high showing on the men’s list, but is absent from the female’s. And hey – no Titanic!