Counting down to Celebration Europe

Mark over at Lightsabre wrote in to share the news that Gerald Home, who played two characters in ROTJ (Tessek aka Squidhead and a Mon Calamari officer) will be signing at the fansite’s table (D-74) in the dealers room on Saturday. A significant portion of the proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK. Pretty neat for a fansite!

Meanwhile, over at the TOS, we learn of a few more guests (including Kenny Baker, Caroline Blakiston and Michael Culver) and that the Tattoo Competition and Illustrated Trooper are making another appearence at CE,

Star Wars Roundup: Weekend edition

Millions of gamers suddenly cried out in horror upon discovering that the Star Wars game for Wii is just the Lego Star Wars re-release. Poor, poor gamers.

Alderaan shot first