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Ewan McGregor and family adopt a 4 year-old girl from Mongolia.

Variety blogger Army Archerd interviews Mark Hamill and gets the scoop on some oh his upcoming projects.

Natalie Portman is being tracked all over Toronto, where she’s filming Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. The blog in question, Jaunted, claims the updates aren’t in real time, but still, kinda over-the-top.

No less weird, but not quite so creepy: The piano for a track on James Blunt’s album was recorded in Carrie Fisher’s bathroom.

I will not be an enabler!

Not so, I lie!

Comic Continuum has pictures of James Marsters from Smallville’s next (October 20th) episode. They also have a description of the October 27th episode, which has Carrie Fisher guest starring as the editor of The Daily Planet.

(I’ve heard Smallville is really, really awful this year, but what else is new? It can’t be any worse than The O.C., right? Please, someone tell me I’m right.)

In other SW guest star news, Comic Continuum also reported that Mark Hamill will be voicing the Trickster on an upcoming episode of Cartoon Network’s Justice League Unlimited. Hamill infamously played the Trickster in the short lived live-action Flash TV show starring Dawson’s dad, and (of course) voiced the Joker for Batman: The Animated Series. I’d link pictures, but you’re probably off just renting Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back for your Hamill-in-spandex fix.

Universes collide on cover of “Vanity Fair”

The cover of the next “Vanity Fair” will feature Uncle George amidst the casts of all six movies. It hits newsstands on January 11th.

You can see the whole picture here (with some character spoilers). Um… wow!

There’s an article here with spoilers ahoy!

Thanks to Ewan News and ComingSoon for the great information.

ETA: Starwars.com has posted another look at the cover image, and an interview with Vanity Fair contributing editor Jim Windolf about talking to Lucas. Possible spoilers!