George Lucas still talking about Indy IV

I know I’m not along in facepalming every time the man talks about Indy IV – and I swear, I was mildly entertained by Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – but he’s doing it again. Luckily, Coming Soon also asks him about Star Wars 3-D (don’t hold your breath,) Red Tails (in casting,) Samuel L. Jackson (we’ve heard it) and directing, to which:

I’m getting rid of all my development. Everything that I’ve ever developed is going to be finished in about a year, a year and a half or two, and then I’m going to go do my own films.

Oh, George. Perhaps Clark will finally get an answer on those Howard the Duck sequels.

In less winceworthy news, how about his student film? Racecars! Vroom vroom! Yeah!

Newsbits: Penny Arcade, SFX, TCW apathy, 3-D

SFX covers TCW

That’s no moon! It’s a Star Wars roundup!

Rick McCallum received an award at the European Digital Cinema and HDTV conference in Spain, and, according to the guy who wrote TFN showed a preview of 3-D Star Wars to the crowd.

Meanwhile, Lightsabre posted the second part of their McCallum interview, including some interesting insights on George and the prequels.

Busy day in these parts


Star Wars in the news

George Lucas has been named Grand Marshall of next weekend’s Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. He’s also participating in the 31st Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race on Saturday.

Putting together the London Star Wars exhibit.

Star Wars is getting namechecked as movies in 3-D get press coverage, but remember, far as we know the saga in 3-D is still on hold.

Plans to make major additions to Skywalker Ranch (two screening rooms and a bridge) were approved by Marin County last month.

Rerelease hoedown

Begun, this format war has… More thoughts on the OOT DVD transfer issue from The Digital Bits.

TFN has a report of The Phantom Menace in 3-D. Either that’s a very good sign (The entire saga in 3-D! See them all!) or very bad (The prequel trilogy gets 3-Ded first. Not enough of a draw for this fan, sorry. Unless it happens around a con.) Or, given what’s said by George Lucas, TPM was just the pitch and the article screws it up, since all the other reports are saying A New Hope is first up…