George Lucas still talking about Indy IV

I know I’m not along in facepalming every time the man talks about Indy IV – and I swear, I was mildly entertained by Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – but he’s doing it again. Luckily, Coming Soon also asks him about Star Wars 3-D (don’t hold your breath,) Red Tails (in casting,) Samuel L. Jackson (we’ve heard it) and directing, to which:

I’m getting rid of all my development. Everything that I’ve ever developed is going to be finished in about a year, a year and a half or two, and then I’m going to go do my own films.

Oh, George. Perhaps Clark will finally get an answer on those Howard the Duck sequels.

In less winceworthy news, how about his student film? Racecars! Vroom vroom! Yeah!

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